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candy making classes information page.
You can learn how to make professional looking, gourmet quality candies in just four short classes. These classes are available at your school or office. A minimum of six attendees are required and a maximum of 15 will be permitted for each course. See the descriptions below for details about each class. If you have at least six people signing up for the complete four unit course, you will each save $70. Take any three of the four and save $25 off your third class.

You will:

Learn how to make Fudges, Truffles, Caramels, Cream centers,
and much more.

Taste the difference that freshly made candies can make using
natural ingredients with no preservatives or only natural ones.

Learn the basics for making delicious, professional looking
confections in only four Candy-Making classes -- at a fraction of
the cost of purchasing similar quality items at a retail chocolatier.

Have the opportunity to buy chocolate, ingredients, and
supplies at special prices after completing the classes. Or rent
chocolate making equipment at special prices.

Receive spending credits for classes attended.

FUDGES. Focus on fudge making and introduction to supplies, equipment, and materials useful in candy making. Because this class introduces you to many basics needed in the advanced classes working with chocolate tempering, molding techniques, and general understanding of the chemistry of candy making; this course is required before taking any of the other three.
Class takes about 2 hours. It pays for itself in about two to three homemade batches when compared to retail value of authentic fudge. $95
Fondants and Flavorings
FONDANTS. This class focuses on fondants, flavorings, and colors. You will learn how to make sugar and sugar-cream based candy for use as chocolate candy centers. Class also reviews and reinforces understanding of crystallization properties of sugars and chocolate. Class takes about 2 hours. $95.
Caramels, Turtles and Nut Roasting
Caramels, Turtles, and Nut Roasting. Learn how to make rich, creamy caramel as your end product as well as an ingredient for chocolate-nut clusters (turtles/terrapins), caramel centers covered with chocolate, or sauce as dessert topping. Nut roasting techniques will also be covered. This is a more ambitious class where a complete caramel recipe will be prepared while variations to recipes are discussed. Class then continues to demonstrate techniques and supplies needed to make chocolate covered caramel-nut clusters. Class takes about 2.5 to 3 hours. $125.
Chocolate Tempering, Ganaches, Dipping, and Molding
Chocolate Tempering, Ganache, Dipping, and Molding. This is a meaty course covering practical methods of tempering chocolate. This is extremely important to achieve high quality results when making molded or dipped chocolate candies. You will learn how to temper, why to temper, how to make a ganache for molding and for hand dipping. Infusing flavors into your ganache will also be covered, as will fixing a “broken” ganache. Class takes about 3+ hours. $150
Terms, Pricing, and Conditions Take all four classes and receive the following discount options:

1. Pay all four classes up front to save $70 and also get a $20 credit for each class toward purchase of supplies and equipment -- (like getting one class free). Total price is $395.

2. Pay classes individually as taken and take $25 off your third class. (This is better option if one of the topics is of little or no interest to you). It is not recommended however, because there is overlap and repetition of the more important concepts in all the classes.

3. Money back guarantee: If you paid for the complete course of four classes upfront and are not satisfied after the first Fudge Class, you will receive a full refund for the course.

4. Terms: Cash only please. Checks accepted but no credit/debit cards.

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